Friday, January 8, 2016

Day 41: Seoul- Dongdaemum Shopping Complex 동대문 쇼핑타운 & Taxi Driver Gamnamujip Restaurant 감나무집 기사식당

Spent the day following my Unni (my boss's girlfriend) to get some fabrics.

Direction266, Jong-ro, Jongno-gu, Seoul서울특별시 종로구 종로 266 (종로6가)
Dongdaemun Station (Seoul Subway Line 1, 4), Exit 8 or 9

Right. You can practically find any DIY items here. You can bargain if you're getting items in bulk. Alot of students come here to get materials as well as store owners. so it can get a little crowded.

Some pictures to show what's around in here.

 I only manage to head to the fabric area because I was just following blindly, hence the limitation in pictures. 

 Taxi Driver Gamnamujip Restaurant 감나무집 기사식당
Having tried so many local food, I would say this is one of my MUST-GO.
This restaurant is kind of a place where Taxi drivers dine.

This restaurant serves home cooked style small dishes also known as baekban 백반.

Look at thipork bulbaek. Mouth watering!

Featured in MBC.

Price is very affordable, alittle on the cheaper side comparing Seoul's food prices.
Hongik University Station (Line 2), exit 3

Day 40: Seoul- Local Korean Wedding

 Due to a local friend Song Hwa, I had the pleasure to visit a Korean wedding ceremony.
Very westernised these days, weddings are often held in a ball room. 

Group by group everyone went up stage for a photo taking session.

Bride wears white wedding gown for the ceremony and later into traditional Hanboks.
After the ceremony, there's food provided in buffet style.
Unlike traditional Chinese weddings in Singapore where we have 8 course dinner in big round tables with seats allocated in hotel ball rooms. The Korean ones are free and easy.

Not much food picture taken. Didn't want to scare the guest away with a foreigner looking curious all over. There were lots of varieties and all very delicious.

Monday, January 12, 2015

Day 39: Seoul- Little France Seorae Village, Study Group Grand Opening, Chicken Bus Restaurant (치긴버스) 신촌

After spending 39 days in Seoul, I thought it would be cool to check out a different community in here. Recommended by my colleague, I learnt about Seorae Village where a little French community lives here. This is different from Petite France the touristy place. 

Direction: Express Bus Terminal (Line 3) Exit 5. Walk down a street that looks like this….

 Walk till the end and you’ll see the big signs for Seorae Village to the left. Follow the sign.

Soerae Village is a village on top of a hill and filled with restaurants, cafes, bakeries, shop the french style.

 Stopped by Annie's Cookie for a cup of coffee.
Did a bit of people watching here (: 
I recommend this place for something different in Seoul and it's a really small town that can be covered within 2 or 3 hours?

And.. I spend dinner time helping out in my boss's new business grand opening. It's a study group. 
Seems to be really popular in Korea and a market for it tough ;)
 Nothing much to brag about.. Just some pictures to take a look at the culture.
How grand opening celebration looks like in Seoul maybe..

Like everyone says.. Seoul never sleeps haha and there goes, supper in Sinchon's Chicken Bus Restaurant 치긴버스 .

  1. Address: 52-79 Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, South Korea

Chicken and Beer, never goes wrong :P

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Day 38: Seoul- Bonjour Beer 봉쥬비어 (Sinchon)

봉쥬비어 Bonjour Beer is a chain Bistro Bar located all over South Korea.
You can visit their website above to locate the outlets nearest to you. This entry is going to be about the one at Sinchon Seoul (:

I was brought here by a colleague to meet some new friends from Japan!

 This place has really cute mascot and decorations.

Something cool about this place is, patrons get to write notes on the serviettes and display around the bar. While waiting for my Japanese friend to arrive we decided to tag along the fun. Most messages was about love love love but I decided to leave a typical foreigner message LOL!

Female toilet filled with pictures of KPOP male idols to make you feel better while shitting LOL

Here. My new found Japanese friend Erika & her sister (:
It was so cool knowing them but in the mean time a real challenge communicating. They couldn't speak much English but were fluent in Korean while I couldn't speak much Korean.
Very interesting combination we have here, Singaporean, Hongkie & Japanese LOL

I was telling them about my trip and I would be visiting Japan next.
So as usual, Japanese being very kind, friendly and helpful, they taught me a few Japanese greetings in KOREAN. lol. awesome eh? They couldn't write in English but I could read Korean so that was how it came about.